Forming Patterns.

Losing the ability to form patterns. 

When humans first evolved into their present form, they found themselves in a world where their ability to recognize patterns was essential to their survival. Early man's ability to recognize patterns in how things happened and to constrruct wholes out of diverse elements was a lens through which they could understand and thus survive in that savage past. Though recognition of patterns was just a refinment or extention of recognition itself, it was one that increased the posibility of living well and staving off death, create symbols was then an essential part of his/her ability to survive. By comparison with this savage world of the past, the modern world, and especially the western world of the child, holds no need of pattern recognition other than in the recognition of faces. Because of this lack of need children gradually learn though pattern recognition can be amusing it is not high on their list of important qualities or abilities they wish to develop. Thus they do not bother to pay close attention to pattern they are not directed toward and tend to supress them when they come to mind. It follows then, that because children no longer need this pattern recognition to survive, most of them tend to gradually lose this incredable ability. Truth be told though of all these tools of genius this one may be the one most humans retain.

Forming Patterns.

Patterns are groups of forms, shapes, or things such that if we see one part of the pattern we can continue the pattern in any direction.

Practice as iterative improvement is a necessity for life long creativity.

Like imaging and observing, abstracting needs to be practiced throughout life if it is to harnessed in the service of creation. The thing is at the moment such activities in the home and school are generally thought to be unimportant and thus discouraged. If however we continually try to abstract the world around us we will find this ability does not fade but rather becomes stronger until in the hands of a creative genius it is used to pave the way to a revolution in knowledge. Darwin for instance found the essential information in evolution by distilling information, by examining generations of creatures and discarding the unessential till he arrived at survival of the fittest and natural selection. This changed the world of knowledge as has no other discovery.

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